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BACS Staff Accreditation and Audit Programmes
— Quality, Consistency, Uniformity

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For 30 years, BACS Contamination Control has been setting the industry standard for critical environment cleaning. BACS customers inform us that they expect quality and consistency in all our work. Uniformity of service is particularly important for our National customers. BACS has developed an in-house accreditation programme that all cleaners must complete successfully. The programme is designed to assure our customers that every BACS cleaner is correctly trained, assessed, accredited and audited.


The accreditation programme is a competency–based training programme. No employee is permitted to enter a customer location without having a thorough understanding of the environment and practical experience of the relevant BACS cleaning methods. Nationally, all cleaners are taught the same procedures, use identical tools and chemicals and perform the identical method of cleaning. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency after being taught the required skills. BACS staff with Certificate IV qualifications in Training and Assessment developed the progamme following National Training Framework guidelines.


The coursework is split into two streams - computer cleaning and cleanroom cleaning. We have created comprehensive training modules which cover all aspects of technical cleaning. Students earn a Certificate of Competence upon successful completion of a module. When all modules are completed in a stream, a Certificate of Accreditation is awarded for that stream. Registers of attendance and training type are kept to track individual competence and attainment. Examples of the modules include:

  • BACS induction
  • Work Health and Safely 
  • In-house theoretical training
  • Practical on-site training

Service Train Sales

This new training scheme was introduced in 2014 and is designed to align service with sales. A field staff takes the sales team through the equipment and processes used in a type of service. These training sessions help sales and service staff to review and if necessary make changes to improve the quality of service delivered to the client.

The table below indicates all the training programs at BACS. STS stands for 'Service Train Sales' which is for all states and the others reflect BACS in-house and on-site practical training by state.



Accreditation is renewed each year based on an audit programme. To maintain accreditation, BACS service staff must successfully pass field and desk audits, both scheduled and unscheduled. The induction module sets out what is expected of a BACS cleaner and the audit programme ensures that the expectations are consistently being met. Audit outcomes are linked to an employee’s annual performance review.