IT Consumables

Catalogue of cleaning and maintenance consumables for computer room, data centre, server room - buy online includes tacky mats, vacuum cleaners, floor tile lifters and more.
Server Rack Accessories

Server rack accessory products include EziBlank range of blanking panels, panel brushes, eXtension kit, aluminium floor grommets and wall.

Contamination Control Mats (Sticky Mat or Tacky Mat)

Sticky mats or tacky mats captures dirt, dust, contaminants from the soles of your shoes and equipment wheels before entering the data centre or any controlled environment. Unsure which tacky mat you need? Click here for buyers’ guide.

Vacuum Cleaners

BACS sells a range of vacuum cleaners for use in data centres, computer rooms and office cleaning and maintenance. Available to buy online DataVac ESD Safe System, Electric Duster ED500, Wet and Dry Range and Omega.


Antistatic range available to buy online including antistatic bags with and without ziplock, antistatic bench matting, grounding cords and wrist strap set and antistatic label.


Chemicals for use with cleaning and maintenance of computer and office surfaces and equipment including isopropyl alcohol and anti-static carpet spray concentrate.

Computer Accessories

PC dust filters help to reduce dust from entering your computer via the cooler vents.

Floor Tile Lifters and Accessories

Floor tile lifters available to buy online including 4 and 5 inches version with suction cup, perforated floor tile lifter with hook and wall bracket.

Gateway Controllers and Meters

Device gateway designed for comprehensive power analysis, energy management and industrial instrumentation applications. These devices provide an intuitive and responsive user interface for rapid system configuration and on-the-fly analysis of meter and sensor data on both desktop and mobile web browsers.

Keyboards & Mice

Washable, waterproof and dishwater safe Seal Shield keyboards and Silver Storm mice in black and white. Excellent for multi-user workstations.

Screen Cleaners

Professional-quality screen cleaner that safely removes dust, fingerprints and oils from electronic equipment displays.

Shoe Cover & Gloves

Garments to buy online include disposable lab coat for general use, shoe covers and nitrile gloves in 4 sizes.


Wipes available to buy online include Chux white, blue and yellow wipes, BACS telephone disinfecting alcohol wipes, ISOWIPE and Kimtech Kimwipe wiper.


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