Cleanroom Consumables

Contamination Control Mats (Sticky Mat or Tacky Mat)

Sticky mats or tacky mats captures dirt, dust, contaminants from the soles of your shoes and equipment wheels before entering the cleanroom, laboratory or any controlled environment. Unsure which tacky mat you need? Click here for buyers’ guide.


BACS sells a range of Texwipe cleanroom wipers including synthetic polyester dry wipers, cotton wipers and specialty wipers. We have wipers suitable for use in ISO Class 5-8 rooms. Click here for more information.


Buy Texwipe swabs for cleanroom and controlled environments online in Australia. Swab range include polyester alpha and absorbond, foam and cleantips. Click here for more information.

Cleaning Validation

The Texwipe TOC Cleaning Validation Kits simplifies sampling for cleaning validation. Packaged in cleanroom-compatible polypropylene boxes, these unique kits contain the components necessary to sample 12 or 72 different sections. Click here for more information.


Whiteley disinfectant and detergent range Viraclean, V-Wipes, Bactol, CliniMax, Cobalt, Lemex, Microl and Surfex. Texwipe disinfectants available for special orders.


Multipurpose and disposable garments including coveralls, lab coats, face masks, shoe covers and nitrile gloves. Coveralls and gloves come in various sizes.

Keyboards and Mice

Medical and hospital grade washable, waterproof and dishwater safe Seal Shield keyboards and Silver Storm mice in black and white. Antimicrobial. Excellent for multi-user workstations.


Cleanroom mops by Texwipe; includes autoclavable AlphaMop, sterilisable BetaMop and ClipperMop and replacement covers. Range suitable for use in ISO Class 8 room to ISO Class 4 rooms. Click here for more information.

Pre-Wetted Wipers

Texwipe pre-wetted wipers are infused with 70% isopropyl alcohol and deionized water. The optimum saturation and even concentration provides consistent cleaning. They are packaged in a resealable flexpack. Suitable for ISO Class 6-7 cleanrooms. Click here for more information.


Texwipe TX5742 TexWrite® Cleanroom Spiral Notebooks ISO Class 4-6.

Sterile Products

Sterile products from the Texwipe range include pre-wetted wipers, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and disinfectant. Also available are mops and covers that can be sterilised. Click here for more information.


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