Texwipe TX3340 TOC Cleaning Validation Kit
Contains components for 12 samples

Texwipe TX3340 TOC Cleaning Validation Kit<br />Contains components for 12 samples
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BACS Part Number Texwipe TX Number Packaging
63095TX3340TOC Cleaning Validation Kit containing 12 vials, 24 swabs, 12 labels and one box

The TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Cleaning Validation Kit has been designed to simplify sampling for cleaning validation. Packaged in a cleanroom-compatible polypropylene box, this unique kit contains the components necessary to sample 12 different sections of the production area, and provide for efficient transport of the samples from production to laboratory with minimal chance of contamination. The kit contains TOC vials manufactured, analysed, and certified to <10 μg/L TOC by EP Scientific Products to virtually eliminate all background TOC. These prewashed vials offer a one-piece cap and septa design for easy sampling and analysis, and are for use with TOC instrumentation such as Sievers Model 800/900, Anatel ANATOC™, Teledyne Tekmar, OI Analytical Model 1010 and Shimadzu TOC-V Series TOC Analysers.

The kit also contains the Texwipe TX714K Low TOC Alpha® Sampling Swab which is certified to <50 μg/L TOC. Especially suited for sampling of larger areas, this swab has a large head on a rigid handle. Its internal head paddle provides firm support for sampling broad surfaces and flat areas, and its break-away handle allows the swab head to be placed in the vial with minimal handling. Labels are included so samples can be properly identified at the sampling site.

Kit Components
  • 12 clear 40 mL vials with bonded septa caps, certified <10 μg/L TOC
  • 24 TX714K Low TOC Alpha® Sampling Swabs, certified <50 μg/L TOC
  • 12 blank vial labels

Vial Attributes
  • Prewashed for lowest level TOC available
  • One-piece cap and septa
  • Sloped shoulder design reduces background error
Swab Attributes
  • Cleanroom laundered, double-layer, knitted polyester swab with break-away handle
  • Thermally bonded head eliminates contaminating adhesives
  • Processed using a proprietary treatment to provide extremely low background TOC levels
  • Low particle and fibre generation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Convenient and secure method for transporting sampling vials and swabs to sampling area
  • Break-away swab handle allows head to be placed into vial with minimal handling and contamination
  • Certificate of Analysis on each box
  • Lot traceability
  • Performing cleaning validation by TOC analysis
Also Available in the Texwipe Cleaning Validation Kit Series:
BACS Part Number Texwipe TX Number Packaging
63096 TX3342 Bulk TOC Cleaning Validation Kit containing 72 vials, 144 swabs, 72 labels and one box
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