BACS Post-construction cleanroom cleaning

"..we are very happy with the services provided by Andrew and Rodney. They take the effort to greet us and explain if they see anything wrong and provide suggestions to help improve the system.."

Cleanroom pre-validation cleaning

"..Thanks to you and your wonderful staff the pharmacy has passed all particle counts and therefore certification. I am extremely grateful .."

Cleanroom pre-validation cleaning
BACS Cleanroom floor maintenance
BACS Cleanroom routine cleaning

BACS Cleanroom Cleaning Services and Products

Part of Your Quality Management System

Contamination control is easier than detection because you cannot test for every impurity. Even if a product does not come in direct contact with the cleanroom environment, it is still influenced by it. Convection and circulating air can carry particulates and microbes, while handling can transfer residue. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the environment minimises the potential for contaminants to adversely affect product quality.

BACS cleanroom cleaning services operate on a “Plan, Do, Check” philosophy to reduce your risk of contamination.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written protocols put in place to ensure that steps towards minimising contamination are being followed. Because SOPs define the level of facility cleanliness, BACS cleaners are trained to understand and adhere to them precisely.
  • Schedules dictate how often a specific cleaning procedure is performed. BACS cleanroom services are available on a routine, periodic or project basis.
  • Cleaning involves the execution of an SOP to a defined schedule. Using professionally trained technical cleaners guarantees a more uniform result by reducing cleaner-to-cleaner variability.
  • Validation confirms that cleaning procedures are effective. BACS reviews validation tests and uses this information for continuous improvement.
  • Compliance is the fulfilment of every procedural and documentary requirement. BACS cleaners perform their duties according to the SOPs then complete all checklists and log books to maintain your certification.
  • Periodic auditing guarantees all processes produce the required results. BACS cleaners undergo routine performance checks in areas such as cleaning technique, chemical and equipment use, knowledge base and documentation skills.

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BACS Reputation —
Cleaning controlled environments for over 36 years


BACS cleaners differ from general cleaners because they are specialists in their field. When you choose BACS, you are choosing a company that has systematically cleaned over 15,000 controlled environments such as computer rooms, data centres, cleanrooms and laboratories nationally since 1982.

Customer Satisfaction

Following a clean, customers routinely discuss their test results with BACS. This data and other feedback allow BACS to refine our cleaning techniques and pass on these benefits to you. Many customers also provide unsolicited comments regarding BACS cleaning performance.


Currently BACS cleans critical environments of all sizes and classes around Australia, from non-sterile ISO Class 9 up to sterile Grade B pharmaceutical and research facilities.

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Standard Increasing Cleanliness
ISO 14644 ISO 3 ISO 4 ISO 5 ISO 6 ISO 7 ISO 8 ISO 9
US Federal Standard 1 10 100 1000 10,000 100,000  
GMP     A/B C D    


Each BACS employee has passed a comprehensive background check conducted by the Australian Federal Police. A primary team of these security-cleared, cleanroom-trained cleaners is assigned to your site with other BACS service personnel scheduled as back-ups to provide seamless coverage.

BACS Preparation —
Ensuring quality, consistency and results

In-House Training

BACS has created an in-house training program that cleaners must complete before working in a cleanroom. Our customers are assured that every BACS cleaner on their site is properly trained, assessed, accredited and audited. BACS training covers all aspects of critical environments including:

  • what a cleanroom is and how it operates
  • different types and classes of cleanrooms (sterile, non-sterile, particle-sensitive, ESD-sensitive, TGA registered, ISO/GMP classifications, etc.)
  • where contaminants come from
  • the importance of following SOPs
  • proper cleaning technique and equipment preparation
  • safe use and correct concentrations of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals
  • correct gowning procedures
  • appropriate cleanroom behaviour and hygiene
  • the relevance of all documentation and its accurate completion

External Courses

The BACS management team regularly attends industry seminars and trade shows to ensure they are current on ISO standards, cleanroom protocols and new technologies. BACS shares this knowledge with our staff through ongoing training programmes.

BACS Cleanroom

BACS has an in-house cleanroom for training cleaners in proper cleaning methods and gowning procedures, repackaging products and preparing and storing equipment.


BACS adheres to both recommended and required Federal and State OHS regulations to ensure our workers conduct cleaning in a safe fashion. BACS consults with field staff at least once a month and considers this feedback an important component of our Safety Management Plan. BACS also holds a current $20 million public liability insurance policy.

BACS Products —
Providing the best cleanroom consumables

Texwipe Partnership

BACS works with our suppliers such as ITW Texwipe to stay informed on best practices in cleaning and advances in product development. BACS has been distributing ITW Texwipe cleanroom products to the Australian market since 1987 and is the authorised Australasian distributor of the company’s full product line.

Product Range

BACS offers a wide range of top quality, technologically advanced cleanroom consumables including dry and pre-wetted wipers, swabs, cleaning validation kits, mops and contamination control mats.

Product Support

BACS experts can answer your questions and help you with the proper selection and usage of cleanroom products. Product information, technical data sheets (TDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are also available online.

New Products

Based on industry developments and changing needs, BACS sources new and innovative cleanroom products to bring to the Australian market. Let us know what you are looking for.

Local Stock

BACS keeps local stock in Sydney of all items featured on this website and ships orders received before 2PM on the same business day.


Order cleanroom products online through the BACS online store.