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BACS History — Innovative, Evolving, Capable

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Bob Allan worked in Systems and Operations at Johnson's Wax, the Australian Stock Exchange and GE Systems (UK) where operators were responsible for cleaning their own computer equipment and work area. He observed firsthand how contamination left behind by inadequate and ineffective cleaning methods resulted in hardware malfunctions. To address this problem, Bob created BACS in 1982 to professionally clean computer environments. Started in NSW, BACS gained a variety of customers through industry contacts including government departments and financial institutions. Motivated again by maintaining technical equipment in good, non-contaminated working order, BACS added PC and telephone cleaning to the services offered in 1984. Read about the early days of BACS in this press editorial from 1984.


In response to customer requests, BACS opened an ACT office in 1987 and a Victorian operation in 1994. As the industry grew, increasingly more companies wanted to lock in national service contracts. BACS established representation and trained service personnel in all Australian States in 2002 to meet the needs of BACS largest customers, the Australian Taxation Office and the Commonwealth Bank. BACS continues to service these organisations today. During the same period, BACS began distributing ITW Texwipe’s TX609 TechniCloth® wiper to the Australian IT industry for precision cleaning of computer media read-write heads in 1987. Through our relationship with Texwipe, a worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products, BACS leveraged the ability to clean IT controlled environments to secure our first cleanroom cleaning contract in 1992. Since then, BACS has become the authorised Australasian distributor for ITW Texwipe's full product line of cleanroom consumables.


Current BACS customer numbers exceed 3500 across Australia and represent various types of computer and cleanroom environments. On average, BACS carries out 150 individual cleans in a given week at various facilities. This exposure to a wide range of controlled environments means BACS can work with you to develop specialised cleaning procedures and maintenance schedules for almost any technical area. BACS maintains a highly competent workforce of well-trained, security-cleared cleaners, supervisors and area managers who ensure the control of contamination on a routine, periodic and project basis. Visit BACS on Facebook to learn more about the company’s history and upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations.