Sub-Floor Cleaning

Preventive maintenance for controlled IT environments

Sub-floor cleaning Sub-floor cleaning Sub-floor cleaning


Equipment failure is often due to poor maintenance or inappropriate cleaning methods. To reduce the risk of overheating or fire, industry best practices recommend, at a minimum, the sub-floor be cleaned annually. Raised access flooring in computer rooms is designed to provide space to lay cables and permit air flow. This air plenum must not be allowed to accumulate contaminants that could enter your equipment and cause damage or reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system.


  • BACS cleaners follow the approved Scope of Works and complete the job on time.
  • A customer briefing is conducted to discuss your power connection preferences, isolation of detection systems (VESDA, pressure and moisture) and maximum number of tiles to be lifted at one time, as well as all WHS issues.
  • Sub-floor cleaning targets tile edges and undersides, grilles, pedestals and stringers, all cables, cable trays, power points, floor surfaces and equipment under the floor.
  • Only electrical equipment dedicated to cleaning IT environments is used which is tagged and tested current.
  • A dry clean is performed using low decibel vacuums equipped with HEPA/ULPA CRV filters (efficiency rating 99.97% at 0.3 microns).
  • Proven proprietary BACS cleaning techniques focus on minimal and controlled use of moisture, avoiding contact with smoke detectors, moisture sensors, cables and power points in your air plenum.


  • All BACS sub-floor services conclude with a full above-floor cleaning procedure.
  • Equipment and cooling systems operate at peak efficiency, increasing their operational lifespan.
  • BACS cleaners obtain initial signoff after the clean, then can follow up with a full written report to the nominated person responsible for the data centre.
  • BACS sub-floor cleans can be validated with particle counts to achieve ISO 14644 particle level standards.

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