BACS Technical Cleaning

Varied, Innovative, Adaptable

Over the years, BACS has applied its proven technical cleaning expertise to a variety of situations. The examples below show the breadth of BACS cleaning proficiency. Some less common services are infrequent activities or related to disaster recovery, while other services can be included in planned periodic facility maintenance.

BACS technical cleaning services are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

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Plant Room Cleaning

Organisations with major IT infrastructures have utility and support areas known as plant rooms. In addition to serving as general storage space, plant rooms can house equipment such as power generators, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and battery back-ups. Because these rooms are often exposed to the elements and are usually locked and accessed infrequently, their condition can sometimes go unnoticed when considering overall facility cleanliness.

  • BACS has cleaned all types and sizes of plant rooms, keeping them in a clean state of readiness should a disaster occur.
  • BACS assesses all areas of the plant room and can provide a customised Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Risk Assessment prior to starting work.
  • Because BACS cleaners are trained in cleaning the critical computer environments which plant rooms support, they can apply relevant techniques and precautions to clean these areas.
  • To enhance your disaster recovery strategy, BACS can devise a schedule to maintain plant rooms in optimum condition.
Utility room cleaning

Disaster Recovery

After a disaster disrupts normal facility operation, your goal is to get back up and running in an environmentally safe condition as quickly as possible. Post-disaster decontamination may involve removing smoke damage and condensed plastic residue from walls and floors, remediating water damage from floods, cleaning ceiling panels after fire suppressant release and clearing away other debris. Where servers have been exposed to smoke contamination, BACS offers internal server and CPU cleaning.

  • BACS can provide quick response times with teams on the ground in all capital cities.
  • Because BACS is familiar with computer environments, we can rapidly resolve unusual contamination challenges and restore your facility to its former condition.
  • To avoid safety hazards, BACS supervisors start by completing a Risk Assessment and defining procedures prior to commencing work.
  • All BACS cleaners carry WHS cards, arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and adhere to all safety guidelines.
Fire disaster recovery cleaning in server room

Rust Removal and Sealing

Metal sub-floor fixtures such as jacks and pedestals can develop a coating of rust after a flood. If left untreated, rust can compromise their structural integrity and contribute damaging particulate contamination to your critical environment. When complete replacement of all affected metal is not an option, professional rust removal and sealing can be a less costly and less disruptive alternative.

  • BACS cleaners wear full protective coveralls, kneepads, gloves and facemasks while performing rust removal procedures.
  • All corrosion is loosened with a metal brush and vacuumed away prior to a wet wipe-down.
  • Cleaned surfaces are treated with a fast-acting rust converter and sealer which reacts with rust to form a black chelate compound that binds to the metal surface.
  • After rust removal and sealing, metal substrates can be fully protected by applying a coat of primer followed by paint.

Electronic Scoreboard Cleaning

All major sporting venues have electronic scoreboards. These scoreboards are exposed to a variety of contaminants ranging from atmospheric dust and pollution to insect infestation. Despite the sensitive nature of their electronics and internal cabling connections, these scoreboards are rarely cleaned. Keeping critical signage free of dust and debris reduces the risk of malfunctions during the game, when it matters the most.

  • BACS provides a site-specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Risk Assessment prior to beginning work.
  • All BACS cleaners carry WHS cards, arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and attend an onsite induction.
  • Electronic scoreboard cleaning targets infrastructure on multiple levels - the rear and cables of LED display screen panels, supporting metal framework, back walls, metal grated floors and access stairways, steel beams, covers and gantries.
  • Being trained in computer environment cleaning means BACS cleaners can apply tried and tested chemicals, equipment and procedures to clean the electronic equipment and connections found in these scoreboards.

Library and Archival Cleaning

Systematic library and archival cleaning needs to occur over a relatively short period of time, or else it becomes practically a continuous activity. Libraries do not usually have staff available to do it themselves. However, reference and archival materials, as well as their storage areas, need to be kept clean of dust and other debris. Dust accumulation attracts moisture and makes a habitat for dust mites, hastening the deterioration of books and other valuable assets.

  • Currently BACS performs library and archival cleaning at some of Australia’s leading universities.
  • BACS can supply teams of qualified cleaners who handle the books gently, dry-wipe each one carefully and replace them in proper order.
  • BACS staff are trained in detailed cleaning of critical environments and thus produce a better result than general janitorial cleaners.
  • Tidy shelves and clean books encourage library users to treat these materials with appropriate care and respect.


Contact BACS with your unique technical cleaning projects to see how we can help you achieve your cleanliness goals. BACS staff include specialists in the fields of HVAC air handling, filtration and controlled environments. Together we can devise a safe and effective method to clean almost any technical area or equipment.