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BACS Contamination Control Garments

Disposable, Multi-Purpose, Wearable

tyvek coverall cleanroom garment polypropylene disposible shoe covers P2 face mask and disposable face mask white lab coat

Based on years of experience in the IT and cleanroom cleaning industry, BACS Contamination Control has sourced a portfolio of coveralls, shoe covers, face masks and gloves suitable for general use. All items are disposable to minimise cross-contamination and have special features to increase wearability and encourage compliance with contamination control procedures.

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Depending on the environment, BACS Contamination Control offers two alternatives for keeping dirt and debris off the body or contained in a suit. Both the white disposable polypropylene and the white DuPont Tyvek® coveralls act as lightweight protection against dry particulates with elastic at the hood, wrist, ankle and waist. Tyvek coveralls, however, are preferable for wetter or more hazardous environments.

Buy Link BACS Part Number Price (incl GST excl Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 68012M - XXXL AUD$236.25 One Tyvek coverall per bag, 10 bags per case, sizes medium to xxxl
Buy Now 68011M - XXXL AUD$161.70 One coverall per bag, 10 bags per case, size small to xxxl

Shoe Covers

Not only do shoe covers protect shoes, they also minimise contamination being tracked in on footwear. BACS Contamination Control provides two options -lightweight, yet durable polypropylene shoe covers with anti-skid soles for dusty and grimy drier environments and disposable DuPont Tyvek® shoe covers that provide ankle-length coverage in wetter or more hazardous areas.

Buy Link BACS Part Number Price (excl GST & Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 68015 AUD$48.51 100 polypropylene shoe covers per pack

Face Masks

To filter air inhaled and provide a contamination control barrier for air exhaled, BACS Contamination Control sells a disposable surgical-style face mask made from triple-ply polypropylene. The mask design and built-in ear loops make it simple to put on properly, comfortable to wear while working and easy to dispose of after use.

Store Link BACS Part Number Price (excl GST & Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 68500 AUD$62.49 Individually wrapped, ISO 5, 50 pieces
Buy Now 68021 AUD$42.74 Disposable surgical-style masks, 50 pieces