Post-Construction Cleanroom Cleaning

Preparing a new cleanroom for handover to the customer


Cleanroom post-construction cleaning - surfaces are cleaned wtih a HEPA vacuum.

cleanroom post-construction cleaning

Surfaces not reachable by vacuum are wiped.

cleanroom post-construction cleaning with mops

All surfaces are mopped.


BACS post-construction cleaning services for cleanrooms are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

No matter how carefully a builder works, new critical environments require thorough post-construction decontamination. Prior to a builder handing over a cleanroom or laboratory to a customer, a comprehensive and professional post-construction clean is needed to remove all visible contamination left behind from the fit-out. This stage of cleaning focuses on removing gross particulate contamination and is a non-sterile cleaning procedure. Failing to remove particles and residue generated during construction makes subsequent pre-validation cleaning and disinfecting more difficult.

BACS Contamination Control sells disposable, lightweight and durable polypropylene shoe covers which stop dirt and debris from recontaminating post-construction cleanroom environments that have undergone preliminary cleaning. Placing adhesive-coated contamination control mats in high-traffic areas and entryways significantly decreases the amount of contamination brought in on footwear and equipment wheels.


  • A BACS team consisting of the local area manager, service manager and designated site cleaning supervisor inspects the facility and consults with the customer to develop a cleaning Scope of Works.
  • Post-construction cleanroom cleaning targets ceilings, walls, floors and fittings to remove all visible contaminants which remain after the building process.
  • The BACS system uses specialised equipment and proven techniques to remove gross contamination, followed by a wet-wipe down to eliminate builders’ marks, adhesive residue and fine dust.
  • Not only do BACS cleaners meet the standards outlined in the Scope of Works, they complete their work in the agreed timeframe to avoid project delays.
  • All BACS cleaners carry state-based WHS cards and arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • BACS provides a site-specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Risk Assessment prior to beginning work.


  • Builders do not need to source specialised cleanroom cleaning equipment or attempt to instruct general cleaners in cleanroom cleaning procedures.
  • Using a professional cleanroom cleaner minimises issues between builders and cleanroom facility owners regarding handover cleanliness standards.
  • Twenty-five years of cleanroom cleaning experience and a flexible team structure allow BACS to expedite the handover process.
  • After post-construction cleaning, the room is ready is for pre-validation cleaning to further reduce particle and residue levels to within desired operating parameters and to disinfect the room, if required.