Cleanroom Cleaning Services

Part of Your Quality Management System

Contamination control is easier than detection because you cannot test for every impurity. Even if a product does not come in direct contact with the cleanroom environment, it is still influenced by it. Convection and circulating air can carry particulates and microbes, while handling can transfer residue. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the environment minimises the potential for contaminants to adversely affect product quality.

cleanroom post-construction cleaning


No matter how carefully a builder works, new critical environments require thorough post-construction decontamination.

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cleanroom pre-validation cleaning


Once a cleanroom is built, the HVAC system is operating and all equipment is installed, a meticulous initial clean is required prior to validation and use.

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cleanroom routine cleaning

Cleanroom Routine

Once a cleanroom is in use, routine cleaning needs to be conducted as part of general facility maintenance.

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laboratory cleaning

Laboratory Cleaning

Cleaning should be scheduled on a routine, periodic (routine plus additional areas) and project basis to reflect facility policy, quality assurance procedures and local regulations.

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floor scrub-washing

Other Services

Additional services available are floor scrub-washing, vinyl floor stripping and resealing, disaster recovery cleaning, and support area cleaning.

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Post-construction Cleaning Scope of Work Article


A builder needs to work with someone familiar with cleanroom cleaning who can develop an SOW specifically for post-construction cleaning.

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