Post-Construction Cleaning

Preparing a new IT facility for equipment installation

Post-construction cleaning Post-construction cleaning Post-construction cleaning


BACS post-construction cleaning services for data centre are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

Turning a building site into a controlled IT environment requires a comprehensive and professional post-construction clean. Elimination of Gyprock™ dust from walls, concrete dust from cut tiles, residue remaining on tiles and other coarse construction debris is essential for properly preparing a new room for equipment installation. Failing to remove particles generated during the construction phase could result in these contaminants remaining in the environment for years to come.

BACS Contamination Control sells disposable, lightweight and durable polypropylene shoe covers which stop dirt and debris from recontaminating post-construction data centre environments that have undergone preliminary cleaning. Placing adhesive-coated contamination control mats in high traffic areas and entryways significantly decreases the amount of contamination brought in on footwear and equipment wheels.


  • All BACS cleaners carry WHS cards and arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • BACS provides a site-specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and Risk Assessment prior to beginning work.
  • Post-construction cleaning targets air conditioning ducts, sub-floor regions and cable tray openings, as well as internal and external rack and pod areas.
  • Using tried and tested chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods, BACS cleaners finalise their work in the agreed timeframe and meet the required standards.


  • Expensive equipment is not damaged by large particles which remain in the room after construction.
  • To fulfill your documentation requirements, BACS post-construction cleans can be validated upon request with particle counts to assist in the eventual achievement of ISO 14644 controlled environment particle level standards.
  • After a comprehensive initial cleaning, annual sub-floor cleaning coupled with routine scheduled above-floor cleaning will safeguard your cleanliness levels throughout the year.