Internal Server and CPU Cleaning

Preventive maintenance for IT equipment

Internal server cleaning Internal PC Cleaing
Internal Server CPU - Before Clean
Internal Server CPU - After Clean


BACS server and CPU cleaning services are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a server or personal computer (PC) is a component that generates heat during operation. Air circulated by cooling fans is used to reduce the temperature inside computer equipment. An accumulation of contamination pulled in by the fans will restrict airflow and reduce cooling efficiency, causing heat build-up. Overheating leads to improper operation or even total system failure. Trained personnel and special procedures are required to eliminate dust and debris from inside a server or PC.


  • Before opening any equipment, BACS cleaners remove contaminants from all external surfaces and establish an electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe clean zone.
  • ESD-safe precautions are taken at all times, including grounding of the BACS cleaner.
  • An ESD-safe, HEPA-filtered vacuum and attachments are used to remove dust from the interior.
  • Specialist equipment and procedures are used to clean any residue and baked-on contaminants.
  • After replacing the cover and reconnecting the peripherals, the outer casing and cabling are cleaned.
  • As a final check, BACS cleaners organise to power up equipment, checking that it is fully operational.


  • BACS cleaners are trained in ESD-safe procedures, use specialised cleaning techniques and carry the appropriate equipment.
  • Customers do not need to buy all the ESD-safe equipment used in this type of cleaning.
  • Equipment functions effectively and runs at lower temperatures when internal dust and dirt build-up is removed.
  • Cleaning equipment inside and out aids in maintaining ISO 14644 particle level standards for the entire room.