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Contamination Control Mats

Tacky mats or sticky mats with adhesive-coated peel-off sheets and washable polyurethane gel mats

tacky mat in use in a data centre clean walker tacky mat in use in a cleanroom frame for tacky mat bacs own tacky mat

BACS sells the largest range of contamination control mats in Australia for a variety of environments and applications. Tacky mats are designed to capture particles from foot traffic and equipment wheels, providing the most effective and convenient dirt removal method available. These mats are easy to install and maintain at entrances to data centres, cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Placing mats in high-traffic areas and entryways significantly decreases the amount of contamination brought in, reduces maintenance and cleaning costs, and prolongs the life of floor finishes. These mats are easy to install and maintain at entrances to data centres, cleanrooms and other controlled environments.

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Application Matrix

Application Texwipe CleanStep Mat BACSMat Clean Walker
Data centres  
Data centre construction  
Cleanroom construction  
Precision instrument manufacturing  
Research & development  
Pharmaceutical manufacturing  
Compounding pharmacies  
Medical device manufacturing  
Medical care facilities  
Food manufacturing  
Packaging material plants
Printing industry
Painting industry
Facility maintenance  
Industrial Settings    

Option 1: Adhesive-Coated Mats with Peel-Off Layers

BACS sells Texwipe CleanStep mats with an antimicrobial preservative and optional frame, as well as our own BACSMats for data centres and areas under construction or renovation. Removal of the protective film on the bottom and top of the mat is all that is required to install it. As footwear and equipment wheels pass over its surface, the non-transferring, pressure-sensitive adhesive traps dirt and holds it for disposal. When the active layer starts to lose its tack, simply peel off that layer to reveal a fresh layer underneath. Individually numbered tabs aid in the removal of one layer at a time and indicate how many layers remain on the mat. High-quality manufacturing ensures that layers will not shred as they are removed and that each layer has the optimal level of adhesion.

Too little tackiness Too much tackiness Too soft adhesive
particles are not adequately removed from footwear and wheels or trapped on the mat mat layers are difficult to separate from each other and can pull shoe covers off, creating a trip hazard could transfer to footwear and wheels, ending up as a contaminant in a controlled area

Option 2: Washable Polyurethane Gel Mats

Clean Walker mats are manufactured in Japan from high quality, durable polyurethane gel. The intrinsic adhesive property of the polyurethane catches and collects dust and dirt. Its non-transferring elastic surface conforms to the grooves of shoe soles and equipment wheels to remove contamination. When the mat surface becomes dirty, just wipe it with a water-dampened cloth. Neutral detergent or isopropyl alcohol can also be used to clean the mat. The adhesiveness returns once the mat is dry. Even after 3 years of use, the binding power of the Clean Walker mat remains virtually intact. A tray with an inclined edge and recessed mat area is available to allow wheeled equipment to roll over without catching on the mat. Because coarser particles may become embedded in the mat and degrade the surface, this mat is recommended for indoor use where foot protection is worn. It is not suitable to clean the soles of outdoor shoes.

Texwipe CleanStep™ Contamination Control Mats

All Texwipe CleanStep™ adhesive mats are designed and manufactured under a stringent ISO 9001 quality management system. An antimicrobial preservative on each layer protects against bacterial growth. Every sheet has a consistent adhesive coating that provides just the right amount of tack to remove particles, yet not be introduced into a critical environment. Each case of mats has a lot code for quality assurance purposes. These mats are constructed with either 30 or 60 layers and can be used with or without a frame, depending on the floor surface and the need to reposition the mat when cleaning.

Store Link BACS Part Number Texwipe Part Number Price (incl GST excl Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 64005B AMA254581G AUD$503.35
63.5 x 114.3 cm (25” x 45”)
Texwipe CleanStep Mats
(grey base, clear film), 30-layer,
8 mats per case
Buy Now 64010B AMA254582G AUD$503.35
63.5 x 114.3 cm (25” x 45”)
Texwipe CleanStep Mats
(grey base, clear film), 60-layer,
4 mats per case

BACS Contamination Control BACSMats

BACS Contamination Control has developed a lower cost adhesive-coated contamination control mat, providing a budget-friendly alternative for dirt and dust control in data centres and controlled environments. Because it has a stronger adhesive designed to capture larger particles, BACSMats are ideally suited to control contamination during dust-generating construction and maintenance activities.

Store Link BACS Part Number Price (incl GST excl Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 64002 AUD$291.06
61 x 91 cm (24" x 36")
(blue film), 30-layer, 8 mats per case
Buy Now 64003 AUD$362.67
63.5 x 114.3 cm (25" x 45")
(blue film), 30-layer, 8 mats per case

BACS Sticky Mat Frames

BACS sticky mat frames are made of polystyrene and provide an excellent surface for adhering BACSMATS tacky mats and CleanStep™ mats when cleaning protocols require portability or when a floor surface is not compatible with adhesives. The non-slip, lightweight frame allows the mat to be moved during routine mopping, providing an alternative to sticking mats directly to the floor. Frames come in black or white and can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or cleanroom detergent.

Store Link BACS Part Number Price (incl GST excl Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 64130 AUD$169.79
63.0 x 94 x 0.3 cm
(25” x 37” x 1/8”)
BACS Sticky Mat Frame White Small
for use with 64002 BACSMATS,
1 frame per case
Buy Now 64135 AUD$195.31
66.0 x 116.8 x 0.3 cm
(26” x 46” x 1/8”)
BACS Sticky Mat Frame White Large
for use with 64005B and 64010B
Texwipe CleanStep Mats
and 64003 BACSMATS Mats,
1 frame per case

Clean Walker Polyurethane Gel Mats

The larger blue Clean Walker mat is solid polyurethane gel. The smaller purple Clean Walker Easy mat is sold in sets of two and is a composite of non-woven fabric sandwiched between layers of polyurethane gel. The smaller size of the Clean Walker Easy makes it more convenient to lift off the floor, rinse in a sink and hang from a hook hole to dry. Both mats can be cleaned with plain water, neutral detergent or isopropyl alcohol.

Store Link BACS Part # Price (incl GST excl Shipping) Packaging
Buy Now 64100 AUD$563.99
50 x 90 x 0.5 cm
(19.7" x 35.4" x 0.20")
Blue Clean Walker Mat,
1 mat per case
Buy Now 64105 AUD$563.99
45 x 50 x 0.3 cm
(17.7" x 19.7" x 0.12")
Purple Clean Walker Easy Mat,
2 mats per case