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BACS Today — Service, Dedication, Community

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BACS Core Business

BACS expertise includes three key areas:

  • data centre and IT facilities maintenance
  • cleanroom facilities maintenance
  • products that complement both areas

BACS Values

BACS believes that the services and products we provide are critical to our customer’s seamless business operation.

BACS believes in collaborating with our customers to implement industry best practices and develop optimal cleaning regimes customised to meet their individual requirements.

BACS believes customer satisfaction has contributed to our 40 years as a leader in the technical cleaning industry and is vital to our future success.

BACS believes putting operating systems in place and performing time and motion studies allows us to provide competitively-priced, prompt and efficient service.

BACS believes in monitoring and adopting, where appropriate, the latest innovations in cleaning equipment, chemicals and procedures.

BACS believes in developing staff knowledge through in-house training, external courses, hands-on experience and regular performance feedback.

BACS believes in working safely, implementing both recommended and required Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations and taking customer and staff feedback seriously.

BACS believes in partnering with suppliers to provide the highest quality and most innovative products with application support.

BACS believes in making the buying process simple and convenient by keeping local stock and establishing an online store.