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About BACS

BACS Contamination Control specialises in

  • data centre cleaning
  • comms and server room cleaning
  • cleanroom cleaning
  • laboratory cleaning
  • electronic office equipment cleaning and
  • technical cleaning of other controlled environments.

BACS cleaners differ from general cleaners because they are trained experts in technical cleaning who understand the critical nature of the environments in which they work.

Data Centre cleaning services include post-construction, sub-floor, above-floor, server rack and pod, internal server and CPU, overhead fixture, floor scrub-washing and vinyl stripping & resealing in data halls as well as support areas such as corridors and plant rooms.

BACS cleans cleanrooms, laboratories and research facilities of all sizes and classes, from non-sterile ISO Class 9 up to sterile Grade B. Services range from major post-construction and pre-certification cleans to routine weekly vacuuming and mopping.

In addition to cleaning facilities, BACS also sanitises and cleans PCs, workstations, telephones, printers, mice and all electronic office equipment. We also offer a range of other technical cleaning services as well as air particle testing for data centres, computer rooms and cleanroom environments.