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Texwipe Sterile and Sterilisable Products

For cleaning aseptic areas

Texwipe products clean aseptic cleanrooms quickly and easily without compromising the sterile nature of those environments. Sterile 70% isopropanol, when applied with the appropriate wiper substrate, is effective for one-step disinfection of relatively clean surfaces and is excellent for the final rinsing and residue removal step of many critical cleaning protocols.

TX3217 pre-wetted wiper texwipe-TX3272-sterile-isopropanol texwipe-TX7101-polyester-alpha-mini-mop TX3270-disinfectant-in-action

Purchasing pre-sterilised products such as Texwipe's sterile TechniSat® pre-wetted wipers and sterile isopropanol in spray bottles eliminates the need to repack, document and validate.

  • Texwipe sterile pre-wetted wipers and sterile 70% isopropanol are gamma irradiated to a 10-6 sterility assurance level.
  • Each sterile Texwipe product is accompanied by lot-specific Certificates of Processing and Compliance.
  • Expiry dates are marked on each bag or bottle.

Non-sterile Texwipe mops, wipers and swabs can be sterilised if materials of construction are compatible with methods of sterilisation such as autoclaving, gamma irradiation, chemical disinfection, vapourised hydrogen peroxide (VHP), ethylene oxide (ETO) and electron beam radiation.

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Texwipe Sterile TechniSat® Wipers

Sterile TechniSat® is constructed from a hydroentangled polyester/cellulose blend wiper that is pre-wetted with 70% isopropanol and packaged in a resealable flexpack. Each package is gamma irradiated to a 10–6 Sterility Assurance Level. Sterile TechniSat® is used for alcohol wiping in sterile environments such as pharmaceutical aseptic fill areas, biotechnology manufacturing facilities, microbiological laboratories, sterile suites and prep rooms. The wipers are packaged in resealable flexpacks ideal for cleaning applications requiring minimum dispenser size. Pre-wetted wipers are withdrawn through an opening incorporating a resealable label to prevent solvent evaporation. TechniSat® flexpacks are sheathed in a sealed outer bag for proper introduction into the cleanroom.

Texwipe dry and pre-wetted sterile wipers are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Contact BACS for more information.

Store Link BACS Part Number Texwipe TX Number Price (incl GST) Packaging
Buy 63040 TX3217 AUD$32.46
20 Texwipe sterile 23 x 28 cm TechniSat® wipers
pre-wetted with 70% isopropanol

Texwipe Sterile 70% Isopropanol

Texwipe sterile 70% isopropanol contains 70% by volume United States Pharmacopeia (USP)-grade isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) and 30% USP-purified water. This solution is submicron filtered, filled into cleaned containers, double-bagged and gamma irradiated. Each bottle is lot coded with an expiry date for easy recordkeeping. The alcohol is packaged in a non-atomising adjustable 946 mL spray bottle. Users can choose a stream delivery for precise application or the coarse spray to apply solution to larger areas. This product is a fully assembled, ready-to-use applicator/container; no unpacking, handling or attachment of a separate spray head is required.

Texwipe sterile isopropanol is also available in bulk containers. Contact BACS for more information.

Store Link BACS Part Number Texwipe TX Number Price (incl GST) Packaging
Buy 63405 TX3273 AUD$595.98
Texwipe sterile 70% isopropanol
packaged in a 946 mL trigger spray bottle

Texwipe Cleanroom Mops

Texwipe mops are specifically designed for use in cleanrooms and combine the effectiveness of cleanroom wipers with the convenience of handles. Designs include large flat mops for wiping horizontal and vertical environmental surfaces, small flat mops for cleaning confined and difficult-to-reach areas, and large volume mops for cleaning floors and applying disinfectant. A variety of mop covers are available to assure low contamination levels, high absorbency and excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Store Link BACS Part Number Texwipe TX Number Price (incl GST) Description Autoclave (Steam) Chemical Disinfection VHP (Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide) EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Buy 63212 TX7108AH AUD$187.46
AlphaMop™ Cleanroom Mop
38 x 20 cm thermoplastic
mop head
  • For cleaning floors, walls and ceilings
  • Uses disposable 23 x 23 cm cleanroom wipers as mop covers
Buy 63230 TX7102 AUD$239.20
ClipperMop™ Cleanroom Mop
18 x 10 cm head assembly and
telescoping 74 to 135 cm handle
  • For cleaning floors and applying disinfectants
  • Can be used with all wring-bucket systems
  • Uses launderable BetaMop™ II refill heads
Buy 63200 TX7106 AUD$181.10
BetaMop™ II Cleanroom Mop
425 g tubular-knit polyester head and
132 cm polyester-coated steel handle
Buy 63225 TX7101 AUD$239.20
AlphaMop™ Isolator Cleaning Tool
9.4 x 18.1 cm head assembly,
2 handles (46 and 61 cm),
1 foam pad and 6 polyester mop covers

Texwipe Recommendations for Sterilising Non-Sterile Mops, Wipers and Swabs

Non-sterile products can be autoclaved if materials are compatible with high-pressure steam. Most Texwipe wipers and swabs are autoclavable, but they do need to be repacked into breathable packaging and validated by the end user. Autoclaving is a practical option when different quantities are needed or when kits are put together. Other sterilisation methods such as gamma irradiation, chemical disinfection, vapourised hydrogen peroxide (VHP), ethylene oxide (ETO) and electron beam radiation can be used but have some drawbacks and may be incompatible with materials of construction.