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Work Health and Safety Overview — Complying, Reviewing, Improving

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BACS is committed to providing a safe workplace for all our employees and contractors. We have developed a Safe Work Systems and Process, a WHS Policy, WHS consultation processes and a Safety Management Plan. All possible precautions are taken to make certain both required and recommended Federal and State Government regulations are followed. Continual monitoring guarantees BACS stays current on changing requirements. BACS recognises that our customers have an obligation under the National WHS Framework to ensure their subcontractors such as BACS have compliant systems and processes.

Safety Management Plan

Our Safety Management Plan addresses how BACS implements and handles the following items:

  • Management commitment to workplace safety
  • Incident management (reporting, injury management, incident analysis)
  • Training (induction, ongoing safety training)
  • Working safely (Safe Work Method Statements, MSDS, Manual Handling Hazard Assessment and Reporting, Risk Management)
  • Staff consultation (process, procedures)
  • Safety programmes (development, implementation, measurement)
  • Safety information (what is available)
  • Plan review (how keep our plan current)


All staff and contractors are subject to onsite and desk safety audits, both scheduled and unscheduled. Passing these audits is a condition of working for BACS.

Environment Assessment

At least twice a year BACS management assesses the working environments of our staff and contractors. This review of current WHS practices and procedures includes assessments of all chemicals used. 


BACS consults with our staff and contractors at least once a month on safety issues. Incidents, near-misses and improvements to processes and procedures are documented. BACS considers feedback from field staff an important component of our Safety Management Plan.

Safety Information

BACS commitment to our WHS policy includes displaying informative posters in areas that are frequented by staff and contractors. Warning signage is also located in appropriate areas. Audits are conducted to ensure all staff have adequate numbers and types of signage to support job safety.


All BACS staff and contractors receive compulsory WHS training as part of their induction and ongoing education. External safety training is provided where appropriate. Registers of attendance and training type are kept to track individual competence and attainment.