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Floor tile lifter widget
Computer floor tile lifters - 147 years in the making
It all started out as a suction cup. A visual history featuring floor tile lifters in various data centre cleaning scenarios.
Rear of a server rack before cleaning
Server rack cleaning - before and after images
Before and after images to demonstrate the difference BACS server rack cleaning service makes.
Scrub-washing floor in data centre widget
Scrub-washing floor in Data Centres and Support Areas
Over time, dirt, grime and scuff marks can accumulate. BACS scrub-washing technique safely and effectively removes contamination and delivers an even finish, rejuvenating the floor.
Scrub-washing floor in cleanroom widget
Scrub-washing floor in Cleanrooms, Laboratories and Support Areas
Polyurethane-coated vinyl is a flooring type found in many cleanrooms and controlled environments. Despite regular vacuuming and damp mopping, residue from production, footwear and trolley wheels can ...
Toolbox talk widget
BACS Toolbox Talks
Toolbox talk with your technical staff is necessary prior to a large data centre cleaning.
tacky mat widget
Construction and Builders Mat
BACS sells tacky mats suitable for the building and construction industry. These mats have greater tackiness for capturing larger particles.