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BACS commitment is to deliver innovative, value adding and quality driven service to Cleanroom and Data Centre markets with passion and integrity.

In BACS we respect and value each individual’s contribution, initiative is valued as is productivity and competency. We do not tolerate discrimination, unsafe work practices or inappropriate behaviour at work.

This policy guides how we conduct our own operations, work with co-workers and interact with our clients, suppliers and others who do business with BACS. We observe the law and conduct business aware of BACS ethical responsibilities.

We are committed to do the right thing on time every time.


1. Ethical business standards and trustworthiness

2. Dignity, equity and fairness for our people and from our people

3. An entrepreneurial spirit and a constant eye on cost and risk

4. High levels of motivation and best possible results for the business

5. Safe and sustainable services

6. A sense of fun in being part of the team

7. Responsive, efficient, professional sales and customer service

8. Highly reliable services and infrastructure


BACS employees are required to work safely, industriously and honestly to achieve the company goals. Quality service is the focus of all work behaviours.

BACS expects employees to carry out the duties of their position description as well as other reasonable work within their capabilities and expertise and for employees to be responsible for their behavior at work, both with fellow workers and with customers.

BACS will provide a work environment that is fair, free from harassment and safe, where the employee can develop skills for mutual benefit.

1) Intra-Company Conduct

  • a) General Behaviour

    • The company expects a professional standard of behaviour and presentation from staff.

    • Horseplay or skylarking has no place in business and can cause serious accidents. Practical jokes may get some laughs, but it can end up causing embarrassment, sorrow and emotional pain.

    • Harassment of any sort including bullying is not acceptable behaviour at BACS.

    • Excessive personal use of internet, chat lines, online messaging, and email during work time will be considered a disciplinary issue.

    • No smoking whilst at work.

    • Employees are expected to assist in maintaining the overall cleanliness and orderliness of the workplace.

    • Commit to being a “good” environmental citizen.

    b) Work Related Behaviour

    Impairment at work can be caused by a range of factors such as:

    1. Fatigue

    2. Working environment

    3. Illness

    4. Use of alcohol or other drugs

    5. Lack of training

    6. Attitude to work

    7. Lifestyle choices and related issues

      • If your performance is impaired for any reason, it is the responsibility of the employer, and of managers and supervisors in so far as they have control, to manage any impairment issue at work in an appropriate manner.

      • A record of the such events will be made by the person who told the impaired person not to work.

2) Inter-Company Conduct

  • Professional business to business behaviour at all times.

  • All gifts and benefits are subject to the Gift Policy.

  • BACS Pty Ltd and its employees will not engage in unethical behaviour to gain advantage.

  • BACS respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects other companies to respect its intellectual property rights.

  • BACS personnel will always respect the confidentiality of customer.

  • BACS requires that all suppliers, in all of their activities, operate in full compliance of laws, rules and regulations.

  • Suppliers must conduct themselves in ways that are fair, honest and competitive.