BACS Floor Maintenance and Treatment

Refurbishing, Remediating, Protecting

In addition to cleaning, BACS offers a variety of specialised procedures aimed at restoring floors to peak condition and addressing specific problems. Some services are seasonal or one-off treatments, others can be incorporated into a planned maintenance schedule.

BACS floor maintenance services for data centre are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

Scrub-Washing Laminate Tile and Vinyl Floors

Raised access laminate tiles installed in computer rooms are low-maintenance flooring. Another easy-care option common to many controlled environments is modern polyurethane-coated vinyl. Both floors require regular vacuuming and damp mopping. Over time, dirt, grime and scuff marks can accumulate. BACS scrub-washing technique safely and effectively removes contamination and delivers an even finish, rejuvenating the floor.

  • BACS cleaners implement risk controls such as displaying appropriate barricades and warning signs where work is taking place.
  • Our experience ensures that care is always taken with the use of cleaning machinery.
  • The floor is cleaned with a rotary polisher, low abrasion pad and a neutral detergent.
  • Minimal liquids are used in any critical environment.

Read our guide on why floor needs a scrub wash and how to minimise the risks.

Stripping and Resealing Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors require the top layer of acrylic sealer to be stripped off and re-applied on a regular basis. Once the old sealer is removed and the floor is thoroughly cleaned, several coats of fresh sealer are applied. The new sealer forms a protective layer that not only looks clean but maintains an anti-slip, high gloss finish.

  • BACS can determine the frequency of required maintenance based on room traffic and use.
  • The best type of sealer is recommended for ongoing maintenance, including ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe sealers for static-sensitive environments.
  • Using a rotary polisher and a chemical stripper, BACS cleaners strip back the old sealer and ensure that skirting boards and walls are left free of splash and mop marks.
  • Layers of new sealer are carefully applied, leaving the floor looking clean and glossy.

Zinc Whisker Remediation

Some unexplained system failures are now being recognised as possibly due to zinc whiskers. Zinc was used to coat the underside of steel raised-floor tiles to inhibit corrosion, especially in flooring installed in the 1980s and early 1990s. Zinc whiskers can grow to several millimetres in length and a few microns in diameter. If affected tiles are lifted or under-floor cables are pulled, these whiskers can break off and pass through air filters into equipment. Once inside, they can cause short-circuiting, arcing, malfunctioning and total failure.

  • If complete replacement of all affected floor tiles is not possible or practical, remediation is a less costly and disruptive option.
  • BACS cleaners lift floor tiles one at a time, handling them carefully to avoid dislodging existing whiskers, and use a special adhesive capture technique followed by an alcohol wipe-down to safely remove zinc particles.
  • Other areas of accumulation in the sub-floor region such as grilles, pedestals, stringers, cables and cable trays are cleaned using HEPA/ULPA CRV-filtered vacuums and special wiping procedures.
  • The BACS cleaning regime performed twice a year is shown to keep zinc whiskers to an acceptable level.