BACS Data Centre, Computer Room & Server Room Cleaning

Post-Construction, Routine Ongoing and Specialised Services

Cleaning and dust removal in a data centre, computer room, server room or comms room is vital to the reliable operation of equipment containing mission-critical data. After construction and major installations or upgrades, a detailed cleaning is essential. Annual sub-floor and regularly scheduled above-floor services keep the room free from harmful dust and contaminants that can infiltrate equipment, cause overheating and decrease operating life.

BACS data centre cleaning services are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

Data centre above-floor cleaning with vacuum Server room sub-floor cleaning Data centre above-floor clean with mop Smartphone training

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International Cleanliness Standard

Data centre managers require a guarantee that the environment which houses their data and equipment is clean enough not to pose any risk. The International Standards Organisation developed ISO 14644-1 Classification of Air Cleanliness to assess the air quality found in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Increasingly, the IT industry considers data centres to be controlled environments and has begun referencing ISO 14644 as an internationally accepted benchmark that provides a measurable target for cleanliness. Incorporating cleanroom standards into data centre facility maintenance can benefit not only cleanliness levels, but also operational reliability. With twenty years of cleanroom cleaning experience, BACS is uniquely positioned to translate and apply ISO 14644 standards and metrics to data centre cleaning. Read more about the impact of ISO 14644 on data centres in this technical article. Request a copy of the one-page “10 Step Plan to Meeting ISO 14644-1 Particle Standards in a Data Centre” from BACS.


BACS Contamination Control has been systematically cleaning all types of IT environments since 1982. Every day, BACS services over 90 rooms across Australia. BACS cleaners are different to other cleaners because they are specialists in their field. When you select BACS, you are choosing a company that has:

  • Achieved unparalleled industry success and longevity by providing professional, good-value service.
  • A diverse customer base of over 2500 with rooms of all sizes and functions.
  • Researched the best available equipment and processes to ensure the most comprehensive clean possible.
  • Expertise to develop unique cleaning procedures tailored to each customer's individual needs, or to use your own Scope of Works.


BACS cleaners are selected and screened to provide the most reliable cleaners in your most sensitive data areas. All BACS personnel:

  • Pass Australian Federal Police criminal record checks.
  • Carry BACS photo ID at all times.
  • Wear company-appropriate and identifiable attire.
  • Provide a site-specific Safe Work Method Statement and Risk Assessment prior to beginning work.
  • Are covered by a current $20 million public liability insurance policy.


BACS employs no unskilled personnel.

Staff training is the key to performance delivery. All cleaners:

  • Complete the BACS proprietary Computer Environment Cleaning training course, including all aspects of Work Health and Safety.
  • Pass mandatory content exams.
  • Attend all inductions prior to working and carry state-based WHS cards.
  • Undergo routine performance audits in areas such as cleaning technique, equipment, presentation and knowledge base.