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June 2014 - Spiders in the Data Centres

spiders in the data centre spiders in the data centre spiders in the data centre

Recently BACS has encountered infestations of redback spiders in several data centres across multiple states. BACS cleaners found these pests while cleaning sub-floors and, as per BACS training, immediately reported their presence to data centre staff. Once all spiders were removed from the area, cleaning continued uneventfully. Spiders, insects and rodents are drawn to sub-floors because they are a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. To reduce the chance of being bitten or having equipment damaged, BACS recommends taking several precautions.

  • Review ingress points and examine integrity of room sealing for cable penetration areas, fire doors and main entrances.
  • Engage the services of a pest controller who knows that data centres have different requirements compared to other commercial properties. Fumigation and aerosol sprays are not recommended since corrosive pesticide mist could enter operating equipment. Gel baits selected to eradicate a specific species are the preferred solution.
  • To ensure a safe working environment and monitor effectiveness of pest control measures, increase awareness among staff to look out for vermin and add pest reporting to cleaners’ reports.

Call BACS on 1800 687 179 or contact us if you require the name of a pest controller who specialises in data centres, would like further recommendations or need thorough cleaning after an infestation.