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Ewaste and data management solutions

E-waste Services and Data Management Solutions

In 2016-17, the Australian economy generated 465,818 tonnes of e-waste. More than 54.4% (253,507 tonnes) went to landfill and the rest was collected for recycling!

BACS is committed to reducing the amount of e-waste that is going to landfill. BACS solution is to divert e-waste from landfill and to securely and ethically dispose of IT data devices!

We have teamed up with the most ethically known e-waste industry organisations to provide a secure and reliable e-waste service.

BACS now provides a range of services for businesses and corporations to ensure “End of Use” e-waste can be efficiently recycled and "End of Life" e-waste is disposed of ethically.

BACS e-waste services are currently available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.

Consumer E-Waste Options

For individual e-waste, we suggest the following website:

Data Management

  • The Notifiable Data Breach scheme requires Business and Government to notify affected individuals and the Australian Information Commissioner about ‘eligible data breaches’ if the access, disclosure or loss is likely to result in serious harm to any of the individuals to whom the information relates as stated in the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017. Consequently, businesses and Govt departments are now obligated to ensure their data has “audit trail evidence” and that it has been taken to the grave without 3rd party tampering.
  • Data Erasure or Data Media Destruction is the only reliable method by the Business entity of managing the removal of data that is no longer required or it is no longer entitled to hold.

Pickup "End Of Life" E-waste Bin

  • E-waste bins are provided to collect old and obsolete IT equipment at customer's site in approved areas. Bin sizes are 660 litres or 240 litres.
  • BACS operations staff will monitor the bins to ensure they are removed and replaced in a timely fashion to ensure service continuity.
  • End of life (EOL) is the term used for IT equipment that is to be dismantled and recycled because the technology is no longer viable.
e-waste end of life bin

Pickup Battery Bin

  • E-waste bins are provided to collect all types of dry batteries including lithium-ion cell.
  • BACS operations staff will monitor the bins to ensure they are removed and replaced in a timely fashion to ensure service continuity.
e-waste battery bin

Pickup "End Of Use" E-waste

  • BACS can organise an ongoing service to pickup "end of use" e-waste.
  • Where BACS has an onsite presence, the technical cleaner will routinely organise removal.
  • End of use is the terminology used for IT equipment that is to be re-purposed and reused.

Data Erasure

  • BACS uses recognised software such as Blancco to effectively wipe the drive of all information.
  • Blancco is the default software for data erasure. It is certified as the preferred software for government departments and has been tested, certified, approved and recommended by major governing bodies around the world including the Australian Department of Defence (DoD).
  • It erases to DoD 5220.22-M ECE and 19 other data erasure and data wiping standards, to meet security and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Blancco works on a licence, certified eraser and report certificate for every drive it erases.

Data Media Destruction

IT data storage media is physically destroyed. The media are rendered completely unusable and certified as End Of Life.

Ewaste recycling Australia

Call BACS on 1800 687 179 to discuss your e-waste requirements or submit an enquiry.