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May 2016 - BACS CEO presented at "Protecting Your GMP Facility Environment” seminar

BACS CEO spoke at RACI seminar

BACS CEO, Bob Allan, presented a talk entitled “The Cleanroom Mindset” at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Pharmaceutical Science Group’s seminar "Protecting Your GMP Facility Environment" in West Ryde NSW on 20 April 2016. Bob spoke on what a cleanroom mindset is and how he had to develop one himself and instil it in all his employees.

Regardless of who cleans your cleanroom

  • your own production staff, who also clean the facility
  • in-house dedicated cleaners, who are not production staff
  • an external contract cleaning company,

Bob provided a series of questions you need to ask to determine whether your cleaners have the cleanroom mindset.

He also gave some tangible ways to improve the cleanroom mindset at your workplace and achieve better cleanliness results. Never underestimate the importance of properly cleaning the cleanroom or let complacency creep in when the process is viewed as a routine procedure.

Bob left his audience with this message “Cleaning is so important because a dirty cleanroom can NEVER produce a clean product”.

You can download a copy of the slides or complete the request form below to receive a full transcript of his presentation.

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