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Field Technicians Undergo Cleanroom GMP Cleaning Training

Under the guidance of Chris Lockwood, five technicians underwent GMP cleaning training, completing a series of three comprehensive modules:

  1. Cleanroom Essentials
  2. Understanding GMP
  3. Contamination & Classification
  4. Wiping Techniques (Partial)

Cleanroom GMP cleaning training
Field technicians undergoing training in Cleanroom GMP cleaning

The training regimen comprised three hours of theoretical instruction and an initial two-hour hands-on practical session. Subsequently, the trained technicians will transition to fieldwork, initially focusing on less critical rooms. During this phase, they will collaborate closely with a seasoned BACS Senior Field Technician.

To fulfill their BACS Cleanroom & Laboratory Cleaning training, the technicians have three more theoretical modules left to master:

  1. Contamination Control
  2. Wipers & Chemicals
  3. Garmenting, Cleaning Tools & Application