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Peter O'Meara celebrates 20 years with BACS

Peter O’Meara, BACS Victorian Senior Supervisor & QA Manager, has worked at BACS for over 20 years. What started as a 3-week temporary relief position grew into much more.

Peter says he has not only worked at some amazing places in Victoria, but he has also gone to every state and territory in Australia, sometimes cleaning in Brisbane and Canberra for a week when big jobs came up or staff were on leave. Some of his fondest memories include

  • Flying to Darwin for a regularly scheduled clean every month.
  • Traveling to Pinjarra WA to clean 40 server racks which turned out to be only 4.
  • Sailing to Tasmania on the ferry for work and sleeping in a cabin with 4 other strangers.
  • Going to Katherine to clean a small server rack in an Aboriginal nursing home.
  • Cleaning phones in some unusual places like the Melbourne Zoo & College of Surgeons, just to name a few.

Many things at BACS have changed in 20 years…

Peter O'Meara Then Peter OMeara Supervisor 2008
Peter O'Meara Now Peter OMeara Supervisor 2019
BACS Melbourne Office Then Melbourne office now
BACS Melbourne Office Now Melbourne office then
Service Vehicles Then BACS service van 2006
Service Vehicles Now BACS service van 2019
Work Phones Then Nokia 5110
Work Phones NowApple iphone 7
Data Centre Cleaning Then Data centre cleaning with mop in the past
Data Centre Cleaning Now Data centre cleaning with mop 2019