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The Legend, Peter O'Meara, retires after 25 Years of Exemplary Service

After 25 years of service, Peter retired on 22 December 2023. The NSW crew were fortunate to have Peter join them for Christmas celebrations giving them an opportunity to bid him farewell.

We express our gratitude to Peter for his dedicated 25+ years of service at BACS.

Peter over the years
Fig 1: Peter O'Meara over the years.
Peter over the years
Fig 2: Peter O'Meara doing server-rack cleaning.

Throughout his tenure, Peter consistently exhibited:

  • An exemplary work ethic.
  • Unwavering reliability.
  • A continuous commitment to improvement, regularly engaging in discussions about potential equipment and method enhancements.
  • Open and consistent communication, both in positive and challenging situations.
  • Outstanding supervisory skills, leading projects and guiding staff to meet BACS standards.
  • Serving as the custodian of our methods of procedure and successfully passing on his knowledge through effective training.
  • Earning the respect of his peers and colleagues.

Congratulations to Peter on being the first BACS staff member to achieve 25 years of service. On behalf of the entire team, we extend our warmest wishes for a fulfilling retirement.

In recognition of exemplary performance throughout the year, BACS will introduce the annual POM Service Award for full-time service staff. This award is a testament to the commitment and excellence shown by Peter and will become a new tradition within our company.

Peter during a data centre clean
Fig 3: Peter during a data centre clean.
Peter performing a hygiene clean
Fig 4: Peter performing a hygiene clean.