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Disinfection Strategies for Office Areas

Reduce germs and minimise employee illness in the workplace

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Which office areas harbour the greatest number of germs? And what are the most effective ways to clean and sanitise these locations?

Landmark Study

In the first study of its kind, University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Charles P. Gerba and his team measured germ levels in 7000 samples collected from four typical US workplaces during an average week. The study counted bacteria on a variety of surfaces to find out which were the most contaminated. The study also measured the effectiveness of daily disinfection using an anti-bacterial wipe.

Most Contaminated Areas

In descending order, the most germ-laden spots in the offices were

  1. Telephone
  2. Desktop
  3. Water fountain handle
  4. Microwave door handle
  5. Keyboard

Toilet seats were consistently the least contaminated of the 12 surfaces tested in the study. The average desktop had 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. General cleaners normally attend to common areas such as toilets and kitchens, but leave desks untouched.

Preventing Illness

Dr. Gerba also investigated what can be done to prevent the spread of illness-causing microorganisms. Participants in his study were divided into two groups. One group used disinfecting wipes once a day to clean their desks, telephones and computer keyboards. The other group followed their usual routine. Bacteria levels for non-wipe users increased an average of 19-31% throughout a typical workday. In contrast, two days after participants began using disinfecting wipes once a day, germ levels decreased by more than 99%.

Sanitising Office Equipment

Dr. Gerba’s study shows the importance of keeping desk areas clean. BACS Contamination Control can come to your office at a time that suits you and remove germs, fingerprints, food residue, dust, ink and other grime from PCs, monitors, keyboards and telephones. Sanitising office equipment, especially multi-user workstations, decreases the spread of bacteria within your company and reduces employee sick leave. In addition, office equipment lasts longer and functions more reliably when dust and dirt build-up are removed.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

To keep desks germ-free between sanitising services, BACS recommends wiping areas that come in frequent contact with hands, mouths and noses such as telephones, keyboards and computer mice with BACS Telephone Wipes once a day. Individually packaged sachets contain a wipe pre-wetted with 70% isopropyl alcohol which kills 99% of bacteria to prevent the spread of illness.

Due to its delicate and expensive nature, cleaning and sanitising electronic office equipment is a job for a specialist. Call or email BACS today to arrange an obligation-free quote.