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Data Centre Zinc Whisker Risks and Remediation

Noticed unexplained power failures?

Seen mossy growth on metal surfaces?

Your data centre is at risk from zinc whiskers.

zinc whisker in sub-floor zinc whisker growth

Zinc whisker growth in a data centre sub-floor.


BACS has written a definitive guide on zinc whisker risk and remediation in data centres covering the following topics in detail. Complete the form below to access and download a copy of the "Data Centre Zinc Whisker Risks and Remediation" whitepaper.

  • What are Zinc Whiskers
  • Where to Find Them
  • Risk to Data Centre Operations
  • Prevention
  • Remediation Plan
    1. Stop the spread
    2. Inspect the Facility
    3. Arrange Testing (Optional)
    4. Replace Where Feasible
    5. Remediate What Isn't Replaceable
    6. Implement Maintenance Plan

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