BACS Audio-Visual Cleaning —
Performance-Enhancing, Sanitising, Detailing

The technology behind audio-visual equipment is now so computer-driven that it requires specialised cleaning. BACS expertise in cleaning office equipment and IT equipment found in data centres lends itself to cleaning a variety of audio-visual components and infrastructure. Because most AV equipment is in use by multiple people around the clock for long periods of time, in-house opportunities to thoroughly clean, detail and sanitise it are rare.

BACS audio-visual cleaning services are available nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin as well as most regional areas.

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Trader Workstation Cleaning

The global economy means trader workstations are in almost continuous use by multiple dealers following market activity around the world. Little time is available for maintenance. Cleaning and sanitising trader workstations are paramount to safeguarding their dependable operation and decreasing down time for both operator and equipment. The critical nature and configuration of these workstations mean general office cleaners are not trained and experienced in its technical cleaning.

  • BACS cleaners pass Australian Federal Police criminal record checks and are screened to provide the most secure cleaners in sensitive data areas.
  • Trader workstation cleaning focuses on removing dust from cable voids and under desks, as well as cleaning and sanitising telephones, terminals, monitors and keyboards.
  • Trading floors are generally cleaned on weekends or outside peak trading hours to minimise disruption.
  • Prior to starting, BACS confirms that all machines are switched off and keyboards have been locked.

Television, Radio and Recording Studio Cleaning

Modern studios contain complex audio-visual, editing and production equipment that requires periodic, thorough cleaning. Fingerprints, food residue, ink and other grime can accumulate on surfaces. Dust can settle on acoustic panels and migrate into equipment. Because many work areas are darkened during use, dirt build-up can go unnoticed and become significant over time. In addition to making equipment and fixtures function better, detailed cleaning provides a more pleasant work environment for employees.

  • BACS cleaners are trained not to disturb control settings, switches and cabling connections when cleaning.
  • Studio cleaning focuses on edit suites, audio booths, voice-over booths, presentation suites, graphics suites, turbo rooms, news exchange rooms, control rooms, live studios, master control rooms and asset management suites.
  • Dust is carefully removed from all equipment, surfaces, lights and floors, followed by damp cleaning with a neutral disinfectant to sanitise equipment.
  • BACS cleaners can also clean inside computer racks, servers, CPUs and other equipment.

Monitoring Console Cleaning

Monitoring consoles and the equipment which transmits information to and from them occur in many workplaces such as ambulance dispatch centres, Fire Brigades, traffic authorities, jails and security firms. Because 24/7 surveillance is required, this equipment must be maintained in peak condition. Equipment failures due to dust build-up or misreading screens covered in fingerprints and smudges could delay responding to an emergency.

  • BACS has the flexibility to perform cleaning procedures during low activity periods or seasons.
  • A specific cleaning approach can be customised to best suit your unique console and equipment configuration.
  • BACS can set up a periodic maintenance schedule to keep the environment free of dust and germs.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting shared telephones, terminals, monitors and keyboards stop the spread of illness and help equipment function more reliably.

Multi-User Workstation Cleaning

Multi-user workstations are becoming more numerous as people hot-desk in offices, work in call centres, staff hotel and car rental reception desks or even use equipment in university language labs and libraries. Because many people share the same equipment day in day out, the task of keeping these areas clean is best outsourced to ensure it gets done right. In addition to improving their appearance, sanitising shared facilities decreases cross-contamination of germs, thus reducing illness.

  • BACS cleaners are trained professionals who have the knowledge, techniques and equipment to clean workstations properly without damaging equipment.
  • All chemicals used by BACS to remove fingerprints, food residue, dust, ink and bacteria are non-hazardous, low-odour, non-staining and environmentally friendly.
  • In between cleaning, disinfectant phone wipes and other office hygiene products are available from BACS to reduce cross-contamination in shared work areas.
  • Clean, hygienic workspaces enhance company image, improve staff morale and encourage people to leave them in good condition for the next user.

Gaming Equipment Cleaning

Gaming equipment has become increasingly computerised. The audio-visual displays and technology which drives them need to function consistently because any machine not in operation is not earning money. The conditions under which numerous patrons use the equipment mean surfaces can become covered in fingerprints, food residue and germs. Cleaning and sanitising gaming equipment are best done by a security cleared technical cleaning company.

  • BACS cleaners understand how to clean the internal electronics as well as the equipment exterior.
  • Gaming equipment cleaning focuses on removing dust from interior and exterior surfaces and wiping down cabling, as well as cleaning and disinfecting video displays, controls and speakers.
  • BACS cleaners are available during low activity periods and have government-vetted HP security clearances.
  • Maintaining and cleaning gaming equipment extend their lifespan, improve the entertainment experience and encourage players to return.


Drawing upon 40 years of experience, BACS has developed proprietary methods and a tool kit of chemicals, cloths and specialist tools to clean a range of audio-visual equipment and peripherals. Contact BACS to develop unique cleaning procedures and maintenance schedules tailored to your individual equipment and facility needs.