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BACS moves forward by diversifying into niche services and products

By Meaghan Speirs-Brown

A MULTI-FACETED business strategy has seen BACS not only cement its position as a leading national IT and cleanroom service provider but also become an important player in the supply of specialist products for these niches. Owner and CEO Bob Allan of BACS Contamination Control - formerly BACS I.T. Protection - has been trading for more than 20 years based in Chatswood, NSW. While working in IT prior to founding BACS, Allan recognised a distinct gap in the marketplace – technical IT cleaning and decided to meet this demand.

BACS operates nationally (Northern Territory is the only exception) with administration offices in Sydney and Melbourne. It provides a wide range of services including; computer rooms, technical IT cleaning, equipment (PC, telephone, printers), data centres, PABX rooms, anti-static treatments, IT relocation and cleanroom cleaning.

Allan explains, “Cleanroom cleaning is a relatively recent addition, in the recent 12 months we have consolidated and developed our cleanroom cleaning services and products".

“Cleanrooms are predominantly life science environments eg surgical wards, bio-medical and pharmaceutical spaces including research and development areas.”

These environments are called ‘critical environments’ that are required to be particulate free, free of cleanroom contaminants - particles, micro-organisms, static electricity and chemicals - often invisible to the naked eye.

The contaminants are removed by cleaning and decontamination - removing existing contaminants without inadvertently introducing new ones.

Standard procedures include the use of specialised and dedicated equipment for each cleanroom, which is laundered after each use. These procedures prevent cross contamination.

Another specialist area is computer rooms. These need to be cleaned on a regular scheduled basis, this is particularly important after an installation or upgrade. It is vital these specialised rooms are clean to enable expensive equipment to function properly and the highly sensitive and often priceless information within it is protected.

Thorough cleaning keeps these rooms free from harmful dust and contaminants that can infiltrate equipment and cause overheating, unnecessary wear and reduced filter life. This reduces long term maintenance costs and increases hardware life.

Allan notes, “BACS has carried out an array of general technical cleaning tasks including; cleaning 10,000 telephones on site in a warehouse and re-deploying 300 personal computers (pulling them apart to clean and re-assemble on site)".

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