Office equipment cleaning

"..Without Rod’s diligence we may have been up for a large clean-up bill and possible damage to underfloor systems in the data centre, again thanks to Rod and BACS team.."

Data centre above-floor clean

"We were very happy with the job done underfloor in the Data Centre and the professionalism of the team."

BACS sub-floor cleaning
Office equipment cleaning
BACS sub-floor cleaning

BACS Computer Cleaning Services and Products —
Extending Your Data Centre Life Cycle

BACS Contamination Control has been cleaning computer environments across Australia since 1982. BACS cleaners are different to other cleaners. They are trained specialists in their field who use the best available equipment, chemicals and methods to ensure the most comprehensive clean possible. Each job is tailored to meet a customer's individual needs. In addition to routine cleaning services, BACS offers a variety of specialised procedures all of which can be incorporated into a planned maintenance schedule for data centres and supporting office areas. BACS cleaning services can be done at a time which suits you.

New Construction —
Turning building sites into controlled IT environments


BACS post-construction cleaning prepares the room for equipment installation by removing particles generated during construction so they do not remain in the environment for years to come.

Post-construction cleaning can be validated with BACS indoor air quality testing before commissioning the room to assist in eventual achievement of ISO 14644 particle level standards.


Disposable polypropylene shoe covers stop dirt and debris from recontaminating post-construction data centre environments that have undergone preliminary cleaning.

Placing adhesive-coated contamination control mats in high traffic areas and entryways decreases the amount of contamination brought in on footwear and equipment wheels.

Scheduled Routine Maintenance —
Implementing industry best practices to attain ISO 14644 standards


After a comprehensive initial cleaning or major installation work, and annually thereafter, sub-floor cleaning removes contaminants that build up underneath the raised flooring.

Depending on the number of people entering the area, monthly or quarterly routine above-floor cleaning will preserve cleanliness levels throughout the year.

BACS recommends that server rack interiors and pod exteriors undergo cleaning at least once a year to remove accumulated contaminants.

Cleaning equipment inside as well as outside helps maintain particle level standards for the entire room. BACS cleaners can eliminate dust and debris from inside server and PC units.

Ceiling voids are often overlooked as a source of contamination. BACS cleans these areas to remove dust and debris left behind from original construction work and periodically thereafter to control build-up of contaminants.

Where power and data cables enter server equipment from above, dust on high-rise fixtures should be removed post-construction and every two years after that.

Measurement of dust in the air of your computer facility gives an indication of the effectiveness of your technical cleaning regime.


Floor tile lifters allow safe and rapid access to the sub-floor region beneath raised access flooring and can be wall-mounted using a special bracket.

Cleaning costs are reduced and the lifespan of floor finishes and carpets is extended by placing adhesive-coated contamination control mats to capture dirt from shoes and equipment.

Additional Maintenance —
Performing periodic services and remediation procedures


BACS can devise a maintenance schedule for plant rooms based on their environmental exposure to keep them in an optimum state of disaster readiness.

In addition to cleaning, BACS offers specialised procedures for restoring floors to peak condition. BACS can determine the frequency of maintenance based on room traffic and use.

  • Laminate tile and vinyl floors require periodic scrub-washing to remove accumulated dirt, grime and scuff marks.
  • Vinyl floors need to have their top layer of acrylic sealer stripped off and re-applied on a regular basis.

After a disaster BACS can decontaminate and remediate to help you return to normal facility operation as quickly as possible.

In the event of a flood, BACS can remove rust and seal water-affected metal surfaces.

Older facilities may require the removal of zinc whiskers from the underside of raised floor tiles installed in the 1980s-90s. The BACS cleaning regime performed twice a year can keep zinc whiskers to an acceptable level and avoid costly floor replacement.

Office Cleanliness —
Safeguarding health and comfort in data centre support areas


Removing grease, dust and germs makes office equipment more hygienic, increases reliability and improves productivity. Most manufacturers recommend office equipment be cleaned every 6 to 12 months.


In between cleaning, disinfectant phone wipes and other office hygiene products are available to reduce cross-contamination in shared work spaces.

Monitors and computer screens can be kept smudge-free using the BACS Screen Cleaner and microfibre cleaning cloth.