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October 2017 - BACS Trio Receive Data Centre Technician Certification

Joe Pitchford and Darin Abraham from the BACS account management team along with Aaron Camille, the BACS Victorian Service Manager, recently attended a two-day Data Centre Technician course in Melbourne provided by DCPro Development, an international organisation that delivers a diverse portfolio of approved data centre training and certification services. In addition to BACS, attendees from Telstra, BOM, DataCom and Veolia were also present.

Joe and Darin Data Centre Technician Certification
Joe Pitchford (left) and Darin Abraham (right) with their Data Centre Technician Ceritficate.

With the data centre industry undergoing unprecedented growth, enhancing the technical knowledge of every person who enters a facility is more important than ever. BACS recognises that if our staff better understand and implement industry best practices, we can reduce risk by avoiding preventable errors, maintaining IT functionality and supporting excellence in site operation. In addition to raising awareness of current and emerging standards and technology, the course covered the impact and interdependence of power, air quality, temperature and humidity on daily operation and service delivery. Security as well as Health & Safety requirements relevant to the data centre workplace were explained. Risk assessment and change management practices were highlighted, allowing attendees to better appreciate the criticality of a client’s technical infrastructure.

Aaron Camille with Data Centre Technician Certificate
Aaron Camille, the BACS Victorian Service Manager

Prior to attending, participants completed a 90-page work book on topics such as data centre evolution and types, important definitions, industry bodies and standards. In the classroom, attendees reviewed a 499-page document, then sat an exam on the final day to receive their certification. “I have a better understanding and appreciation for the data centre industry, both past and present”, said Joe. “It was very intense”, said Darin, smiling. Darin was especially impressed by the lock-out tag-out (LOTO) feature which provides extra safety and recognises that every element in the data centre from rack configuration, floor loading, floor tile removal and more are equally important factors for a safe and effective data centre environment.